Reaching the forgotten people of Latin America since 2005

Paul and Thania Heier sensed the call to reach the forgotten people of different villages over a decade ago.  They started in Nicaragua where they spent nearly seven years starting a Hope Center, a small camp, and helping to build ten churches.  Returning to the States, they helped to reach Hispanics, train a new pastor, and prepare a couple for missions service in Colombia. They returned to Latin America in 2015 where they have focused on reaching villages in remote areas of Honduras and Guatemala.  The current focus is on reaching remote areas of Guatemala by showing the love of Christ.

Thania spends her days teaching in children's Bible clubs, discipling women, helping young women learn to lead others, and, of course, raising two precious sons.  Thania's passion has always been missions so she's at home almost anywhere in the world.  She loves reaching out to the people of remote villages who want to know more about Christ and enjoys planning evangelistic outreach events to accelerate church growth.  She is currently discipling women and training children's workers in our newest Hope Center in Guatemala and is thankful for your prayers for these up-and-coming leaders.

Paul organizes leadership training, discipleship classes, clinics, medical support and first aid for people in need as well as accelerating church planting efforts in remote areas.  He went to paramedic school to be able to help people in remote areas and teaches CPR, wilderness first aid, and first responder classes to short-term missionaries  and national fire fighters.  He also teaches Bible college classes at Logos where he earned his doctorate in ministry.  He takes his sons with him to ministry sites whenever possible so that they can participate in ministry.  He coordinates activities at the Hope Center in Guatemala.

A special message from Paul...

Thank you so much for your interest in Misión Hispana.  Our family life is a mission's journey.  We would love for you to pray for us, join us on a short-term missions trip, and help us change the world.  Thank you for your love, support, and friendship.  It's thrilling to see all that God is doing!


We spend a great deal of time doing outreach projects showing people the love of Jesus in practical ways.  We do everything from Bible clubs to clinics in remote areas.  We use a love-based approach.


Many people ask us why we're in their village helping them.  That gives us  a great opportunity to give them a Bible and explain the Good News of Jesus to them.  We're able to assist new churches by helping them grow.


Those who come to know Christ are discipled and introduced to a local Bible-believing church where the pastoral team can follow up on them.  Our goal is that one day they would be out planting for Jesus, too.