Our Story:  Cutting Our Teeth as Missionaries

in Nicaragua

The Lord called us to Nicaragua in 2005.  We spent nearly seven years there and had the privilege of helping thousands of people.  We were blessed to start a Hope Center for street children, wayward young people, and the down and out.  The Hope Center functions today under the leadership of Pastor Erick and his wife, Lina.  Erick and Lina live at a small camp which is used for retreats.  The Lord helped us to build ten churches while in Nicaragua which are spread all across the country.  We became very involved in street evangelism, medical outreaches and rescue, as well as church planting during this phase of our lives.

Due to political instability in our local region of Nicaragua, we were forced to leave.  The ministry is basically self-sustaining and run by national leadership.

Leadership Training and Church Planting in Florida

After leaving Nicaragua, we returned to Florida where we eventually planted Bible Life.  The church which specialized in discipleship and verse-by-verse Bible teaching has transitioned into an outreach ministry led by Pastor Matt and his wife, Alma.  Matt completed his Master of Ministry degree through mentorship with Paul.  They have three beautiful children and continue to hold outreach events throughout their local area. 

Next Generation of Missionaries

Fatima came to know the Lord in Nicaragua through Thania's outreach to women in one of the villages.  Richard came as an intern from Orlando.  They both earned their bachelor's degrees through mentorship in the Hope Center in Nicaragua and got married in Nicaragua.  They worked with Paul and Thania for several years training for further missionary service.  They currently served as missionaries in Colombia, South America and have now taken leadership roles in another missions agency back in Nicaragua.