Outreach to Families and Villages

Reaching and helping children in the developing world is both exciting and challenging.  We help church leaders to develop family-based outreach programs that not only encourage a personal spiritual walk with Jesus, but also a practical love for neighbors so others can experience the overwhelming love of Christ.  Thania helps women of the villages reach other women and children through her discipleship classes and outreach programs.

Church Planting, Leadership Training, Discipleship and Outreach-Based Growth

We train church leaders in biblical studies, personal integrity, leadership, goals, and strategic outreach throughout Central America.  We do one-on-one training with pastors and leaders and also offer practical classes and how-to opportunities helping them reach their communities for Christ.  Some church leaders become part of our Bible Institute program through our relationship with Logos and Dr. Roberto Sanchez.

Medical Clinics and Rescue Classes

Paul is a National Registry PARAMEDIC and is an approved teacher of CPR, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, First Responder, and Wilderness First Responder by the American Safety & Health Institute (www.hsi.com).  He teaches classes as an outreach to local firefighters and first responders in order to help them better serve their communities and to practically show them the love of Christ.  He also coordinates clinics and medical attention in rural areas with his parents, Pastor Bob & Nurse Sally, who also handle administrative needs in the U.S.

Rodrigo serves as our administrator of projects in Central America.  He brings a lot of experience to the table as we prepare to build another hope center and start more churches.  You can see our Spanish website at www.PlanRescate.com or www.PlanAmor.com.

Our strategic partnership with Universidad Cristiana Logos helps us to train Central American church planters and church leaders as well as American interns through our School of Biblical Leadership. [The ASHI logo is a registered trademark of Health & Safety Institute or its affiliates. All rights reserved.]